Sunday, January 09, 2005


I believe that advancements in technology affect the way in which we socialize and perceive our surroundings and ourselves. And so, whenever a change occurs, we are changing not only our surroundings, but our understandings of that surroundings and our understanding of our history. And as a result, we can never repeat the mistakes of the past, but are doomed to make the mistakes of the future.

I believe that when the people of today look in the mirror, they see a different image from what was seen by people of the past. That our ability to articulate about our nature brings awareness, and awareness brings a change in our nature. That language shapes our consciousness, by introducing new ways to reason and thereby process our world. That language is not a carrier of knowledge, language is knowledge.

Regardless, I believe that by any timeless standard, human nature is and will always remain the same. That we are profoundly as selfish and alturaistic as we've ever been and ever will be. That we're profoundly law abiding and outlaws at a constant rate that does not change from generation to generation. But then I also believe that selfishness and alturaism are two sides of the same coin, two effects of the same cause, distributed so as to create our history, and forced into a constant balance by our history.


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