Sunday, April 03, 2005

What's in a name

I'm one of those people who never named their car. I've owned enough of them. The one I currently own is 'my car'. The ones I had before, I'd refer to them by the model, or if I owned two of the same, by the color. I can relate to my car, I love it, I dig its personality, I put up with its quirks. It just never occurred to me that it needs a name.

But on the drive to work, in my unnamed car, I started thinking about the things I do name. I named all my computers, so I can find them on the network. I named my cellphone, so I can pair with it over bluetooth. My bluetooth headset has a name. I named my PDA and my iPod, so I can synchronize with them. If my car had a wireless connection, it too would have a name.

I guess that's what I do. I name things that I can connect to, so I can call them out by name.

You can only name something you own, naming is a part of proprietary. But if I only name things I have to call out by name, does that mean I only name objects that have individuality?


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